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This is all my awesome, cool, sweet, SPAZZTASTIC ART!!!!! OC's, Stories, PHOTOS!!! WHAT COULD BE BETTER!!?? I don't know how i'm gonna top this? Maybe with HOT FUDGE! HAHAHA:la::squee::nuu::dummy::icondancinggirplz::D


All my favs, ranging from Anime to movies to cartoons and video games and...well everything else that's just plain random!:D



Have you ever wanted to know what secrets lie in a theme park? Are you curious to what's behind "staff only" areas? Who's in those character suits? A group of curious teenagers want to find out. Deep inside the heart of Sammy Sly's Fun Land, a darkness lurks after hours. What used to be the highlight of their childhood now haunts their nightmares... That is, if they survive... 

(Guess this whole thing done did derped :dummy:

So, I don't know how many of you are familiar with Five Nights at Freddy's but this is going to be based off of that. I've never really thought to play the game (scared of jumpscares) but I watch playthroughs and read a bit into the story. Even if you're not familiar with the game, you can still participate! I'm trying something new and letting you peeps have a part in creating it. Let's make it to the front page! Okay, basic premise is described above but I can give you a little more insight:

Sammy Sly's Fun Land is a theme park with a dark past. It has many sections and can be compared with a certain theme park with a mouse. The carnival section is the oldest and most memorable. However, Fun Land is very mysterious after dark. The central character of the park is Sammy Sly, a raccoon who inspires children to express themselves and make new friends.

So far that's all I got but that's why this is an open collaboration with you guys. I'll update it accordingly so check back every now and then. If you wanna join, its easy! You just create your own character. It can be a Fun Land character, a teenager, member of staff, and/or a section of the park. You can draw it if you want but I will need a general idea of what they look like. So yeah!~ Hope this turns out okay and you guys have fun. I know I'm not that popular on DA but I still wanna include you peeps cuz you're awesome! :D

**Edit: So I've decided to add a bit more to Fun Land. Not only do the mascots reek havoc upon the park, but the lost souls of children who've died tragically within the park. These 'Lost Children' were unfortunate victims to the notorious Fun Land disappearances, a serious of horrible accidents, or just anything that may have caused these poor souls to be trapped forever in this nightmare. Feel free to make your own. I've already made a bunch in a random pot of unnamed kids but the more the merrier!   

Fun Land Mascots:
-Sammy Sly the Raccoon :iconthenumba1spaz: 
-Clyde the Cottontail :iconthenumba1spaz:
-Phoebe the Panda :icondinochickrox:
-Jaws the Shark [Isaiah]

Fun Land Sections:
-Carnival :iconthenumba1spaz:
-Magic Show (Clyde's Magical Spectacular) :iconthenumba1spaz:
-Arcade (Power Charge) :icondinochickrox:
-Log Ride (Jaws' Adventure) [Isaiah] 

-Thomas Kingsleigh :iconthenumba1spaz: 
-Sven Stevenson :iconbekcy-star:

Lost Children:
-Billy :iconthenumba1spaz:


thenumba1spaz's Profile Picture
United States
Name: Spazzy or Sam (what ever you people like)
Age: 3-10-96 (19)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Mythical Creature: Werewolf
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Favorite Movie: Spirited Away
Favorite Band: Gorillaz (duh!)
Personal Quote: Werewolves are people too!
Favorite Holiday: Halloween (why, cuz it's awesome!)
Favourite cartoon character: Wolf and Totoro
Cartoon Crush: Iggy (Maximum Ride) and 2D (Gorillaz) Soul (Soul Eater)

I'm just like any other ordinary person.... But, that's a BIG understatement! I'm spontaneous, fun loving, happy all the time, funny, a spaz, out going, adventurous, unique and a bunch of other stuff! Basically, I'm a awesome, unique person in my own little world.:D I'll be a friend to anyone. Cuz I'm, well, thenumba1spaz! I am fun. I am awesome. I am SAM!

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